Muscular aging – inevitable or preventable?


Muscular Aging; The “So-Called” Inevitable Decline in Muscular Strength and Composition.

It is often believed that aging is related to an inevitable decline in muscular strength and size. The result of these muscular declines can be the eventual loss of independence with age. Simple lifestyle changes such as eating well and exercising regularly improve the ability to maintain muscular function while aging.

Wroblewski et al. (2011) studied 40 (20 men, 20 women) high level recreational athletes aged 40-81 who trained 4-5 times per week. Subjects were primarily runners/track and field participants, bikers and swimmers. The study found that the chronic exercise that the subjects were participating in retained muscle strength and integrity, preserved muscle mass and prevented fat infiltration of the quadriceps. These pictures provide evidence that muscle loss is a result of sedentary lifestyles in the aging population.

Encouragement and determination are important aspects to embrace across the lifespan to help people remain active throughout the aging process and stop the “inevitable” decline in muscle function with age. Stay Active!