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Personal Trainer Burnaby

Personal trainers help improve endurance making you feel lighter and stronger. Your overall physical health and wellness will improve even if you’re starting from zero or working through a minor injury.

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Professional kinesiologists and personal trainers show you proper form. You get the exercise prescription tailored to your needs. Most clients start with some basic questions:

At our facility clients can expect more than a generic gym experience. Making a personalized fitness plan is what our personal trainers in Burnaby do best.

With three decades of experience personal training in Burnaby we are ready to share what to expect and where to start with on your health journey.

What to Expect from your Personal Trainer

Consent is the very first step with our personal trainers. We take this step seriously because we want our clients to understand exactly how we work. Your accredited trainer will then collect your information and keep it safe before moving on to your assessment and training program.

Session number one with a personal trainer

With our client's consent our personal trainers begin an initial assessment: determining your baseline and setting goals. With this information and an understanding of your budget and preferred schedule, they’ll customize your personal training program.

Goals vary between clients, but they are necessary to keep you on track. Coupled with a time limit such as “by summer” or “before my upcoming vacation” goals are a powerful motivator.

With a baseline and goals set, your program begins. These are the main steps a personal trainer will take with their clients:



Consent and permission

Before assessment

Intake (contact and health details)

Before or during assessment

Discussion on past experiences

Assessment (first session)

Objective measures

Assessment (first session)

Goal setting and deadlines


Program creation

During assessment session

Start training session

During or after assessment session

Personal training sessions

2nd session and beyond

Check progress towards goals, adjust program if necessary

About 3 months

Before your assessment clients get an intake form with contact and medical details to fill as well as policies and consent to sign. Some questions to expect are related to your past or current medical conditions and hospitalizations, stress levels and sleep quality. The intake form prepares your personal trainer so you can make the most out of your initial assessment.

Next a PAR-Q+ medical questionnaire is the standard for identifying clients at risk for exercise. It is required for screening clients who require a doctor’s note before taking up an exercise program. Once signed along with the consent form you’re ready to start personal training.

Once the intake form and consent is finished, the assessment may begin. First step is for your personal trainer to take stock of your past experiences. Expect to be asked what worked for you and what didn’t while taking on exercise programs in the past. What injuries have you sustained and what are you looking for now? These are qualitative questions your personal trainer will ask before starting to collect quantitative information.

Goal setting is essential for any program to keep you on the right track... your personal trainer will help you make goals that are specific, realistic and time-bound.

Objective measures are all about setting a baseline to work from. You’ll get your weight, girth and strength measured. Other objective measures are range of motion, flexibility and a functional movement screen. For performance athletes and specialized programs objective measures can include chemical analysis and body composition measurement, make a point of asking your personal trainer if these technical tests are relevant to your goals. The accurate testing during this stage helps them tailor the fitness plan suited to your goals.

Goal setting is essential for any program to keep you on the right track. Some common goals are losing weight loss, increased strength or better aesthetic. Your personal trainer will help you make them specific, realistic and time-bound. For example such as losing 2 inches on your waistline by the first day of summer.

All this lead-up feeds into the final outcome : your personalized exercise program. Creating this  program will be based on all the information you provide and requires  your personal trainer’s knowledge and expertise. This is the set of exercises needed to reach your goals. The program might be a printout, or in an app, or stay in the mind of your personal trainer. A printed copy is great for doing workouts by yourself, so make sure to ask to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Moving forward, it’s your personal trainers responsibility to check in on your progress against your goal. They will update your fitness program accordingly, repeating the process every few months.

A printed copy of your exercise program is great for doing workouts by yourself, so make sure to ask to get exactly what you’re looking for

Personal training and information security

Personal trainers collect private health details necessarily and responsibly. Data security is something clients are increasingly aware of because data leaks are a risk to customers. Paper files also contain sensitive data that should be handled carefully. But while there are risks, it is necessary to share this contact and health information with your personal trainer; their work relies on it.

In Burnaby personal trainers are bound by British Columbia personal data privacy law – PIPA BC and the Canadian version PIPEDA. Don’t be confused with FIPPA which regulates how public health institutions treat medical data. Personal trainers are bound by broader regulation like private practices such as physiotherapists and other non-health businesses. This subject goes pretty deep, but remember that it is the personal trainer’s responsibility to keep your data safe and up to date. They should only collect the information they use, and with consent. Consent is implied when the client volunteers information. Make sure to check in about your personal trainers data security early on.

Kinesiologists are exceptional personal trainers

The scientific field of kinesiology is the study of human movement. Kinesiology degrees are available to students at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby and a number of other accredited universities in the province through 4 or 5 year post-secondary degree programs.

Graduates of kinesiology university programs are trained in biology, chemistry, biomechanics and exercise prescription. These universities offer academic research opportunities as well as real-world experience in health and fitness on campus. For example kinesiologists commonly help train varsity sports teams.

Kinesiology graduates in BC become accredited once they join the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK). Once accredited kinesiologists are ready to do personal training with clients, as well as work alongside doctors, physiotherapists and counsellors in multidisciplinary settings.

Because of their extensive training, kinesiologists are comfortable working with personal training clients while they might be experiencing a range of physical or health challenges. Rehabilitation clinics, sports teams and labs also hire kinesiologists for their breadth of knowledge on human movement.

Other than Kinesiology Association of BC membership, the leading personal trainer certifications in British Columbia are BCRPA, ACE, NCSA and ACSM certificates. Because the main personal trainer certifications are varied and relatively quick to obtain – as little as 12 weeks compared to 4 years for a professional kinesiologist –  be sure to ask your personal trainer about their experience level as well as which certification they hold.

What do Personal Trainers Provide?

Personal trainers get you motivated, provide accountability, make workouts creatively and watch for ways to improve your technique. These are the key ingredients helping clients safely reach their goals.

Motivation from your personal trainer

Everything we do requires motivation: getting out of bed, grabbing groceries, cleaning and especially hitting the gym. A good workout takes extra motivation because it requires full physical exertion. Personal trainers know how to challenge their clients to go a little further, push a little harder, but in the safest way.

Studies support the theory that a personal trainer helps us push ourselves. A scientific study in the Journal of Sports Science Medicine highlights improved performance under the direct supervision of a personal trainer1.Their experiment led 20 moderately active men through an intense 12-week training program. They focused on squat jump power, bench press strength, muscular endurance and other measures. The men were either overseen by a personal trainer or left unsupervised.

The study looked at each group for increases in health and performance. In terms of body composition (body fat percentage), the group overseen by a personal trainer was the clear winner even though they each went through the same program. The same outcome was observed in power and strength gains between the two groups.

The added benefit to working with a personal trainer who is a kinesiologist is clients are motivated as well as precisely challenged. You’ll get the encouragement and motivation needed to push towards your health goals with the technical expertise to test your limits safely.

Keeping accountable to a personal trainer

A workout is sometimes neglected because of the countless distractions and responsibilities in our busy lives. One solution to this problem is a personal trainer to help keep us accountable.

The expectation of a personal trainer waiting for you at your next appointment, updating you on progress and setting your program keeps you on the path to success. Once again this is backed up by science.

Two groups of high-level rugby players were studied by researchers: one group was assigned a trainer and the other trained themselves. The researchers discovered that the group assigned a personal trainer attending more sessions, demonstrating a stronger commitment to the exercise program2 than the second group given the same program to perform without a personal trainer. The result for the first group was improved strength gains by following their training program more strictly.

And it’s not just rugby players but people of all ages and professions. Another study of 129 volunteers from 20 to 65 years old categorized their stage of desire to participate in a fitness program3 on a scale of one to five. The participants were subjected to one-on-one time with a personal trainer, and their willingness to exercise increased in all but one of them. They wanted to show up because of the accountability their personal trainer provided.

Personal Trainers show you safe techniques

When a client is pushing with their full force using the strongest muscles in their body, it’s important that the body is correctly aligned. Incorrect technique undue causes stress on joints and muscles. The consequences of bad form are either extra wear and tear on the body or even immediate pain during the movement. Subtleties in form such as foot placement, grip and breathing can make all the difference when exercises are repeated multiples times.

Here’s another benefit of working with a personal trainer who is a certified kinesiologist: they have in-depth knowledge of human movement. Kinesiologists will quickly correct poor form and prevent wear or damage on your body due to exercise. You will confidently execute each exercise under the guidance of a kinesiologist.

A Personal trainer applies creativity to your workout

Stuck doing the same exercise over and over? Gym routines can easily become stagnant, and nothing saps motivation like boredom. Without full training in body mechanics it’s hard for most people to spice up their workout routine.

Variation and creativity from a personal trainer solves the problem of boredom with your workout routine. Personal trainers, and in particular those trained in kinesiology, knowledge goes beyond the different exercises to the foundation of movement. They are able to innovate and modify exercises to suit their clients exact needs while providing variety. Eliminate boredom in your workout by working with a personal trainer and kinesiologist.

Ready to Hire a Personal Trainer in Burnaby?

Burnaby is an active place and there are a lot of options for exercise. But how do we know what we need, and what’s the best place to start? If you’re just starting your fitness journey here are some tips to get started.

Where to start when hiring a personal trainer in Burnaby

A quick recon of your past experiences is the best place to begin. Think about what worked for you and what didn’t. Then factor in your current budget, schedule and timeline.

Your past experiences with exercise and training will help eliminate what didn’t work, and illuminate what did. If you’ve tried personal training in the past, think about the equipment you used, the physical location and the trainers abilities. If it wasn’t a good experience, why not? And did it provide you good value?

In Burnaby a personal trainer will set up a program for you which is normally a number of sessions per week. Depending on the space (community centre or private gym) and the trainer's experience, the cost will likely be around $80 to $100 per session. For the budget conscious, think about partnering up with a buddy to split the costs, and doing some of your sessions by yourself using a printed exercise program.

Personal training in Burnaby at Symmetrix

At Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab in Burnaby, we make it easy to get fit. You show up and we’ll do the rest. Turn exercise into an easy habit and enjoy a more active life. Tone your body and get back into shape with the most qualified personal trainers in Burnaby at our private studio.

Our personal trainers are all kinesiologists who will lead you through an achievable personal training plan towards your fitness goals. If you want to look great for your next park hangout, lose some inches off your waistline before a wedding or simply build a more active lifestyle, our kinesiologists and personal trainers can help you.

What sets our personal training apart is that Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab is a private studio in burnaby. Our clients love the private setting as opposed to doing their sessions in front of a gym full of people. Your one-on-one sessions are with a personal trainer who is also a kinesiologist. Hundreds of our clients have met their fitness goals over the years. We individually tailor your fitness plans to make it fun and original so you get the most out of each session. Because all our personal trainers are kinesiologists with a science degree, a professional designation and years of personal training experience in Burnaby, you can expect the highest quality personal training.

Your Personal Training Team

Chris joined the health and fitness industry over two decades ago. He’s adept at helping clients with musculoskeletal injuries.

She has experience with teaching swimming and aquatic fitness to a variety of ages and abilities. She enjoys teaching upbeat group fitness

Anaïs studied how temperature affects human performance in sport and work, testing heat impacts to performance on firefighters.

Where to Find Your Personal Trainer in Burnaby

Symmetrix Burnaby Heights

One Session



55 minute session.

1-on-1 training.

Private training studio.

Work with a kinesiologist.

12 Sessions



12 x 55 minute sessions.

Private 1-on-1 with a kinesiologist.

Invitation to webinars and events.

Regular goal re-assessment.

24 Sessions



24 x 55 minute session.

Private 1-on-1 with a kinesiologist.

Goal reassessment and coaching.

One Video Session



60 minute session.

1-on-1 training.

Over Private Connection.

Work with a kinesiologist.

12 Video Sessions



12 x 55 minute sessions.

Private 1-on-1 with a kinesiologist.

Invitation to webinars and events.

Regular goal re-assessment.

24 Video Sessions



24 x 60 minute session.

Private 1-on-1 with a kinesiologist.

Goal reassessment and coaching.

1 Partner Session



One hour session.

1-on-2 training.

Partner training in private studio or online.

Work with a kinesiologist.

12 Partner Sessions



12 x one hour session.

Private 1-on-2 with a kinesiologist.

+1 invitation to webinars and events.

Regular goal re-assessment.

24 Video Sessions



24 x 60 minute session.

Private 1-on-2 with a kinesiologist.

Goal reassessment and coaching.

Personal Training Scientific References

1. McClaran, Steven R. “The Effectiveness of Personal Training on Changing Attitudes Towards Physical Activity.” J Sports Sci Med. 2.1 (2003): 10–14.

2. Coutts, A. et al. “Effect Of Direct Supervision Of A Strength Coach On Measures Of Muscular Strength And Power In Young Rugby League Players.” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 18 (2004): 316–323.

3. Mazzetti SA, Kraemer WJ, Volek JS, et al. “The Influence Of Direct Supervision Of Resistance Training On Strength Performance.” Med Sci Sports Exerc. 32(6) (2000): 1175-1184.