Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

The comfort of your employees should be a priority for your business as pain or discomfort can reduce productivity and lead to unhappy staff. Utilize our on-site assessments to optimize your employee’s workstations for maximum comfort.

Increase Workplace Productivity With Employee Ergonomic Training

Receive a personalized 45-minute session with a professional kinesiologist who will analyze the current ergonomic design of your workstation and provide solutions and best practices to maximize comfort and sustainability for your body.

45 minutes

Ergonomics Webinar

A 30-minute virtual webinar tailored for your workplace and staff with 15 minutes for questions.

$ 245.00 

3.5 hours


Designed for home offices, you are guided through 30 assessments and given long-term ergonomic solutions to target the cause of your pain.

$ 750.00 

30 minutes

Multistation Assessment

Multiple 30-minute assessments performed back-to-back in office. A minimum of 6 workstations required and billing is hourly.

$ 95.00 

60 minutes

Comprehensive Assessment

A 1-hour onsite assessment with a detailed report specifically for employees experiencing pain or discomfort at their workstation.

$ 395.00 

A Closer Look At Our In-Office Ergonomic Assessments

Symmetrix offers simple solutions to workplace discomfort and pain due to improper workstation ergonomics. Keep your office happy and healthy with our ergonomic assessments by a professional kinesiologist.

Comprehensive Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment is designed for an individual experiencing pain or discomfort in their workplace. We perform an in-office assessment and changes are made immediately to optimize the ergonomics of the workstation. The individual receives education on biomechanics, correct posture, and helpful exercises and stretches for injury prevention. We can also perform speciality ergonomic assessments for sit to stand workstations.

Multistation Assessment

Our multi-assessment for offices is designed to help multiple staff members who need to set up their workstation. Our ergonomic specialist performs back-to-back assessments followed by a stretching guide and equipment recommendations if needed. Each assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.


The train-the-trainer workshop is for companies with a large workforce and the capacity to run ergonomic assessments themselves. An ergonomic expert will deliver a 3.5 hour workshop to up to 3 of your employees and they will receive materials to conduct in-office ergonomic assessments to the rest of the staff.

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we’ve changed lives

Excellent rehabilitation facility. I have been working with Chris and his knowledge and experience is excellent. Chris has experience with rehabilitation that I have not seen with other practitioners. He is doing the job of a physiotherapist and kinesiologist and the results are dramatic. Highly recommended

Raj Dhiman

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