Arissa Martin


Arissa’s chosen area of study came from her personal experiences as a college basketball athlete – she suffered several injuries playing her sport and was highly motivated to learn more about the mechanisms of injury, how to prevent them and treat them.  Arissa received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary in Alberta. Her high academic standings earned her a scholarship and recognition on the University Deans List.

While completing her education, Arissa gained valuable practical experience.  For two years she held position of Assistant Strength Coach for several varsity teams, including womens soccer, womens rugby and co-ed wrestling.  Arissa’s focus of study was biomechanics, which led her to roles as a Biomechanics Analyst with the Canadian Sports Institute as well as the Calgary Running Injury Clinic & Human Performance Lab.  She also gained experience assessing clients and constructing orthotics at the Alberta Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre.

Arissa is currently in her first year of studies to become a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner, which she will complete in the Spring of 2022. When not working or studying (which takes most of her time!) Arissa is most happy when she is outside hiking and snowshoeing.  She loves to trail run and rounds out her own fitness with weightlifting and Olympic lifting.

Arissa’s high level sport and competition background gives her a strength and determination that comes through in her very focused and specific exercise programming.  Her results-driven personality supports all clients in their goals; whether recovering from injury, maintaining quality balanced lifestyles, or reaching peak athletic performance.