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Samira Etrati


Samira's passion for both art and math led her to pursue a degree in Architectural Engineering. This field allowed her to satisfy her creative and analytical skills.

Through spin classes in her early 20s, Samira discovered her curiosity and interest in fitness, which soon evolved from a hobby into a significant aspect of her life, and made her to switch her career from an Architect to a personal trainer, and a group instructor.

When Samira moved to Canada, she made the decision to get a degree in Kinesiology, which gave her a deeper understanding of human movement, exercise science, and rehabilitation.

Samira's goal is to use her background in Architecture to further understand how people interact with spaces to find ways to improve their functionality within their environment which could potentially contribute to innovative approaches in designing exercise spaces, rehabilitation centres, or even work places that promote physical well-being.

Her favourite activities are Yoga, Boxing, Powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting.

Symmetrix Studio Hours

Yaletown Studio

Monday-Friday 6am to 8pm
Saturday 9 am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 2pm

1059 Cambie St
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5L7

Burnaby Heights Studio

Monday-Tuesday 7am to 4pm
Wednesday-Friday 7am to 8pm
Saturday-Sunday CLOSED

204-4580 Hastings St
Burnaby, B.C. V5C 2K4