Personal Training in Yaletown

We create an achievable plan so that you hike with friends, or sign up for that 10km run without hesitation. Our professional personal trainers are all Kinesiologists who use a science-based approach to build your form, mobility and strength. We prescribe a fitness plan to fit your schedule and goals.

Our personal trainers are Kinesiologists who offer:

  • Personal Training

  • Exercise Rehab

  • In-Home Sessions

  • Workplace Wellness

  • ICBC Rehab

Symmetrix isn’t a big box gym

No supermodels or beefcakes to judge you. Just you and your trainer. Or sign up with a friend for 2-on-1 partner training for more accountability and extra time with your partner, friend or loved one.

Like your home gym more than ours? Try in-home personal training, we come to you. Our studio is in Yaletown on Seymour at Davie. Make exercise an easy habit so you can enjoy your active life.

“Symmetrix made it fun, changed it up all the time so that I was always interested, never bored. If I had an ache or pain at all, they were able to concentrate on those areas to help alleviate the discomfort.” -Suzanne

Your Kinesiologist is best suited to help you with:

  • Weight Loss

  • Strength

  • Pain-free Daily Activities

  • Sports conditioning

  • Injury Recovery

Since 1992 our expert Kinesiologists have have been personal trainers for hundred of clients, always using evidence-backed techniques to achieve life changing results. Stop planning around being out of shape. Let us keep you accountable so that you reach your goals faster.


Personal Training

  • 1.5 hour Initial Assessment $120

  • 1 hour session $80

  • 4 session package $75 per session

  • 12 session package $73 per session

  • 24 session package $70 per session

  • 90 minute session $120

    Rates subject to change, GST additional

Partner Training

  • 1 hour session $64 per person

  • 4 session package $60 per person/session

  • 12 session package $58 per person/session

  • 24 session package $55.50 per person/session

    Rates subject to change, GST additional

In-Home Personal Training

  • Travel Fees of $20/hr + applicable community facility user fees.

Rates subject to change, GST additional

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How is a personal trainer different from a Kinesiologist

Kinesiologists are experts on human movement. With a Kinesiologist you know you will be well looked after - each has a 4 year BSc. with a broad range of experience spanning sports team support to clinical testing. Kinesiologists are expert personal trainers with breadth of knowledge.

How is Kinesiologist different from a Physiotherapist?

A Kinesiologist is halfway between a personal trainer and a Physiotherapist. Physiotherapists perform passive treatment, meaning they perform treatment on your body. Passive treatment works on acute trauma or long standing injuries. Kinesiologists use active treatment (called active rahab) because we are movement experts Kinesiologists retrain your body to overcome and prevent injuries for the long term. Kinesiologists make excellent Personal Trainers because we work with clients for the long term.

Do Kinesiologists have insurance?

Yes we are covered by the BC Association of Kinesiologists. We are covered by commercial general liability. Our space is also covered by CGL.

How Do I Start Personal Training?

The first appointment is an assessment. Your kinesiologist will ask you a series of questions about your body, your past injuries and your function. We assess your goals and make a plan for you. We usually have time during the initial assessment to go through a session and prescribe some exercises for you. The initial assessment assessment is 1.5hrs long.

How much does personal training cost?

At Symmetrix you get top notch personal training. Sessions start at $80/hr after an initial assessment of 1.5hrs ($120). We offer packages at a reduced session rate.

What should I wear to personal training?

Wear comfortable clothes for exercising and bring runners to change into for the gym. We supply towels, water and there is a shower on site.

Is my Kinesiologist covered by my insurance?

The answer is maybe. Most of our clients choose to pay privately, but in many cases you are covered for Kinesiology. For example ICBC cases are almost always covered. To find our more please contact us.