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Get Active Rehab in Burnaby with Symmetrix

Posted On:
October 19, 2020

Calling all Burnaby residents! 

The Symmetrix Burnaby location is open, and our team is ready to provide our clients with high-quality active rehabilitation programs to help you bounce back after a car accident!

Symmetrix is in Burnaby

Symmetrix Burnaby is an exercise and active rehabilitation centre with a team of kinesiologists ready to help you recover from your injury.

Your active rehab program facilitates recovery by strengthening stabilizing muscles in our body. At Symmetrix, your personalized active rehabilitation program is created by our team of kinesiologists based on your specific injury, medical and health history, and desired outcomes.

How Does Active Rehabilitation Work, and How Can It Help Me?

Active rehabilitation is a science-based rehabilitation program designed to help you recover faster and stronger from any injury. If you have recently been in a motor vehicle accident, active rehabilitation will get you back on your feet!

Active rehabilitation programs are effective at treating a variety of conditions such as:

  • Motor vehicle accident (ICBC active rehabilitation)
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Workplace injury and return to work programs
  • Long term disability and chronic pain

To begin a personalized active rehabilitation program, you first meet with a Symmetrix kinesiologist. They will do a deep-dive into your medical history, your accident/injury, and they will ask about your health and healing goals. By putting all of the pieces together, your kinesiologist will tailor a program built specifically for your recovery.

Active rehabilitation takes work. Be prepared to be asked to commit to weekly sessions (1-2 times a week is typical). A “bring-it-on” attitude helps get the most out of your active rehab.

Long-term commitment to your personalized active rehabilitation program has health benefits like decreased muscle scar tissue, improved heart and lung function, and lower risk for falls or recurrent injuries.

The Symmetrix Advantage

At Symmetrix, we are dedicated to providing Burnaby residents access to high-quality active rehabilitation. Our team of active rehab therapists are kinesiologists ready to get to work. We’re movement experts prepared to help you recover from your injury with grace and strength.

We are taking on new clients.

Sign up for a consultation today to learn how Symmetrix can help you recover today!

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