How to start with a kinesiologist if you have an existing ICBC claim

Been in a car accident as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian in British Columbia? Have you been experiencing pain or loss of function from the collision? Active rehab sessions with a kinesiologist can help you get back on your feet, while being covered by ICBC. In this blog post I will outline what you can expect when you start active rehabilitation once you have your ICBC claim number.

Phone consultation

There are so many benefits to working with a kinesiologist on your ICBC rehab. And it's easy to start, the first step is simply to call in.

The first step to starting with a kinesiologist for active rehab is a short 15 minute consultation. This can take place either on the phone or in-person in our studio. Consultations allow you to learn more about kinesiology, how kinesiology applies to your goals and situation, the process of getting started, and if this is right for you at this time. When you proceed, your kinesiologist will send you an intake form where you will be able to securely submit your personal information online and complete the consent form.

For when you decide to get started with an initial assessment, understand there is a different intake process for you depending on the accident date. 

If your accident was <12 weeks ago:

Within 12 weeks of your accident ICBC pre-approves 12 sessions of kinesiology. All you need is an open ICBC claim. If you meet this criteria it’s time to start with an initial assessment. This is an important step because it creates a snapshot of your current goals, abilities, and limitations. Learn more about the initial assessment in our treatment plan blog post. 

Once the initial assessment is completed, you’ll discuss with your kinesiologist the best plan moving forward that will help you reach your functional goals. This includes the amount of time you’ll be coming to the pool or gym, length of sessions, and type of exercises you’ll be doing.

If your accident was >12 weeks ago:

You’ll be able to start soon but your kinesiologist needs to get approval from ICBC before your assessment. Your kinesiologist will request approval for an initial assessment to ensure insurance coverage for your treatment. Submit your claim number to your kinesiologist and we’ll be in touch to book your assessment. Once this is approved you’ll be able to book and complete your assessment with a kinesiologist.

What about the pool?

To start with aquatic therapy for your car accident injuries follow the same steps as dryland training. Even if your treatment begins in the pool, the initial assessment will happen on dry land. This way you’ll have a private space to discuss your goals and health/functional status, and your kinesiologist will have a good understanding of how you move without the assistance of the water. 

After the initial assessment, you will decide at which pool you will be meeting your kinesiologist for sessions, and then take the plunge for your first session in the water.

Getting Moving

Now it’s time to start with your treatment plan. Your sessions will consist of a variety of different activities, such as resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, and relaxation/breathing. 

You can find a more detailed description of what you’ll do in a session here.


The period of reassessment varies, but expect one after 6-12 weeks. It’s time to take a first look at your progress-What’s been working? What hasn’t been working? 

The reassessment is an opportunity for your kinesiologist to help you re-evaluate your goals and if you are still on track to meeting them. And this is the perfect time to celebrate any wins you had since your last assessment. Your kinesiologist will keep track of your approved ICBC sessions. If you are nearing the end of your approved ICBC sessions, your kinesiologist will request additional sessions from ICBC to continue treatment as needed. 

A tailored active rehab program

You can participate in an active rehabilitation program alongside other active or non-active treatments like massage therapy, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. Your kinesiologist, with your consent, will collaborate with other practitioners to create a holistic and effective treatment plan including an exercise based program designed to help you restore mobility.

Your kinesiologist will guide you through the process so that you can get moving again with confidence. Have more questions? The kinesiologists at Symmetrix are happy to help. If you're still interested make sure to learn all about Active Rehab here.

we’ve changed lives

Excellent rehabilitation facility. Chris has experience with rehabilitation that I have not seen with other practitioners.

Raj Dhiman


we’ve changed lives

I have an injury from right leg knee cap to my back on my right side that I have been struggling with since 2017. I am now able to do some running and have definitely gotten a lot stronger and more resilient. Symmetrix has been amazing.

Christine Ru


we’ve changed lives

I have loved training with Dash and the team at Symmetrix. My knee has not felt this strong with squatting and hiking in a long time.

Kaitlin Newman

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