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Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab Brand

Our Brand Clean, modern, inviting, professional and eye-catching designs are aligned with our mission to better present ourselves as a top brand in this wide multi-player industry. Because we put so much value in the relationships that built this brand, Symmetrix strives to differentiate itself from the competition to make an everlasting impression on the world. 

Symmetrix Logo

Logo versions: Colour, Reverse, All-White, All BlackNote: black background is to show logo only and is not part of the logo files.

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Symmetrix Colours

Symmetrix Colours
Pantone Colour:Pantone (PMS) 2228 C (Teal in logo)
R 0G 163B 190

Pantone (PMS) Cool Grey 8 C (Grey in logo)R 136
G 139
B 141#888B8D

Symmetrix and B-Corp

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