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Ergonomic Assessment

At home or in the office to prevent pain and keep office workers health.

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For professions where working on a computer for long periods is required—fields such as IT, administration, and writing—the harmful effects of sitting in a chair too long can be severe. One study found that individuals who sat the most, when compared with those who sat the least, had over twice the risk of developing type 2 diabetes1 and cardiovascular disease. Poor workplace health affects workplace culture and also retention.

Symmetrix has a simple solution to this common workplace health problem and the pains it can cause: an ergonomic assessment. Keep your office happy, healthy and productive with an ergonomic assessment and consultation by a professional kinesiologist.

Ergonomic Assessment Process

The ergonomic assessment is an assessment process carefully designed to analyse and solve pain from ongoing desk work. At Symmetrix we offer two types of assessments to make sure clients get the most from our service: a comprehensive assessment for individuals and a multi-assessment for large workplaces. We also offer a train-the-trainer service to equip your in-house staff with tools to assess their own workers.

Comprehensive Ergonomic Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment is an on-site assessment that is best suited for a single client/employee with pain or additional physical considerations. We visit your  workplace and assess it for ergonomic design and effectiveness while considering the individual’s subjective reports of pain, discomfort, physical limitations and previous diagnoses. Ergonomic and human factor recommendations are then made to optimize effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Changes are made immediately to the workstation to optimize its function for the user. Recommendations for additional equipment are discussed and reported. Each recipient receives education on biomechanics, correct posture, exercises and stretches.

Our comprehensive includes:

Survey of previous diagnoses, pre-existing injuries and current issues

Review of work tasks and daily activities

Inspection of workstation including chair, phone, monitor, keyboard and mouse

Workstation optimisation

Education in behaviours to prevent future injury and pains

Report including assessment observations, set-up details and equipment recommendations

Our on-site assessment takes approximately one hour. A detailed written report is provided within one week of the assessment date for future reference.

Multistation Ergonomic Assessment

Our multi-assessment is for offices where multiple staff need workstation set-ups. Office administration staff help by scheduling back-to-back assessments so our ergonomics specialist can efficiently optimize each workstation. Workers who take part are assessed on their pain, discomfort and physical limitations. Our ergonomic experts then adjust workstations to better suit the worker’s daily needs.

Multi-assessments are accompanied by a stretching guide for workers as well as equipment recommendations if needed. This service is billed hourly, with each assessment taking approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The multi-station assessment includes:

Survey of previous diagnoses, pre-existing injuries and current issues

Review of home office tasks

Inspection of workstation including chair, phone, monitor, keyboard and mouse

Workstation optimisation

Educational handout

Equipment recommendations (optional)

Ergonomics train-the-trainer

Train-the-trainer is for companies with a large workforce and internal capacity to run assessments themselves. Have an ergonomics expert deliver a half-day workshop to your staff. Office staff will receive a guide and worksheet to be able to conduct in-house ergonomic assessments.

Our train-the-trainer workshop includes a guide and worksheet. Assign up to 3 in-house trainers to receive the 3.5 hour workshop.

Who are Symmetrix Ergonomic Assessments for?

Ergonomic assessments are for all office workers, whether working from an office or at home, particularly those who are experiencing discomfort or pain. Our ergonomics experts commonly work with lawyers, engineers, programmers, animators, sales staff, support staff, account managers, executives and non-profits.

Sit to stand ergonomics

Workers who use or are thinking of transitioning to a sit-to-stand desk are well suited for an ergonomic assessment. Most workers using sit-to-stand desks understand there will be benefits with some standing during work hours, but don’t have an ergonomics background to optimize those benefits. An ergonomic assessment will ensure that your sit-to-stand workstations are properly adjusted and workers are educated to maximize their use.

Our main point of contact for comprehensive and multi- ergonomic assessments are human resources staff or an office administrator who oversees the well-being of office workers. For individuals seeking a virtual assessment, we offer an online ergonomic assessment.

Online Ergonomic Assessment

Workers using home offices will also benefit from an online assessment. The home office workstation is carefully assessed for ergonomic design and effectiveness, considering the client’s subjective reports of pain, discomfort, physical limitations and previous diagnoses. The client is then instructed on how to adjust their own workstation and best practices related to ergonomics at their home/office are discussed.

A brief summary of the recommendations is emailed to the client after the assessment. Virtual assessments can be conducted over Zoom to eliminate any risk of COVID transmission.

The online ergonomic assessment includes:

Call over your streaming service

Quick discussion and review of work tasks

Virtual inspection of workstation including chair, phone, monitor, keyboard and mouse

Workstation optimisation and troubleshooting

Equipment recommendations (optional)

During this 45 minute session, home office workers will receive instruction on how to set up their workstation over Zoom.

A client in their home office on a ergonomics video session with a kinesiologist

Symmetrix offers Home Office Ergonomics online with a professional kinesiologist

Starting Your Ergonomic Assessment

Starting your ergonomic assessment is easy. All assessments begin with a free consultation. Please call to make sure our services are a good fit for your team. During our phone conversation we will ask your location, the number of workstations in need of assessment, the level of detail you’re looking for, as well as your priorities for our service report. We will discuss your budget and timeline so that we can get started on your ergonomic assessment.


Virtual Assessment

Perfect for home office workers

30 assessments with recommendations

Exercise handout included
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Ergonomics Webinar

30 minute web-based meeting with 15 minutes for questions

Open to all staff

Tailored to your workplace
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Multistation Assessment

30 minute assessments done back-to-back

Minimum 6 workstations, billed hourly

For larger offices
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Comprehensive Assessment

1 hour onsite assessment and detailed report

2 month follow up

Perfect for employees experiencing pain or discomfort
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Deliver ergonomic assessments in-house

Train up to three employees

Worksheets and handouts included
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Ergonomic Assessment References

1. Mantzari, E., Galloway, C., Wijindaele, K., Brage, S., Griffin, S.J., Marteau, T.M. “Impact of sit-stand desks at work on energy expenditure, sitting time and cardio-metabolic risk factors: Multiphase feasibility study with randomized controlled component.” Prev. Medicin Rep. 13 (2019): 64-72.