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Elnaz Mirjafari


Elnaz, also known as Ellie, is a dedicated kinesiologist with a passion for promoting optimal physical health and well-being. She holds a B.Sc degree in Sports and Physical Education, which laid the foundation for her journey in the field of movement science.
Following her graduation, Ellie's enthusiasm for sports and her desire to explore the intricacies of sports injuries led her to pursue further education in physiotherapy. She obtained her B.Sc from Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences University, honing her expertise in diagnosing and treating various musculoskeletal conditions. During this time, Ellie also earned a swimming referee certificate and actively participated in competitions, demonstrating her commitment to the world of sports.
Driven by her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, Ellie relocated to Victoria, where she completed her M.Sc in Kinesiology at UVIC. Her research focused on the interplay between motor skills, perceptions of competence, and participation in active recreation and physical activities. This academic endeavour showcased her analytical acumen and dedication to understanding the intricate relationship between movement and human performance.
Throughout her academic journey, Ellie has continuously sought to expand her skill set and diversify her expertise. She obtained the WaterArt Arthritis Instructor Certificate, underscoring her commitment to addressing the unique needs of individuals with arthritis. Additionally, she has acquired certifications in Mckenzie Part A - MDT: Lumbar spine, Mckenzie Part B - MDT: Cervical and Thoracic spine, and Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) and ergonomic analysis. These certifications have further fortified her ability to provide comprehensive care for clients with orthopedic injuries.
Ellie firmly believes in the transformative power of exercise and its application in minimizing the risk of injury while enhancing the strength and stability of the spine, joints, and muscles. She understands that exercise can facilitate improved mobility, agility, and overall quality of movement, benefiting those grappling with debilitating orthopedic injuries.
With a steadfast commitment to her clients' well-being, Ellie is particularly driven to assist athletes, orthopedic injured clients, and ICBC clients in safely and efficiently returning to their optimum level of function. She constantly seeks out innovative methodologies and techniques to ensure her clients receive the most effective and tailored treatment possible.
Outside of her professional pursuits, Ellie nurtures a passion for swimming and traveling, which align with her belief in the power of exploration and the joy of discovering new horizons. In her leisure time, she engages in activities such as tennis, dancing, and taking walks by the ocean, further fostering her own physical well-being and embracing an active lifestyle.
Elnaz, or Ellie, embodies the essence of a compassionate and knowledgeable kinesiologist, committed to empowering individuals through movement and helping them reach their full potential.

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