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Office Ergonomics

At home or in the office to keep workers healthy.

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Ergonomic Assessment.

Symmetrix has a simple solution to this common workplace health problem and the pains it can cause: online ergonomic assessments. Keep yourself and your office happy, healthy and productive with an ergonomics assessment and consultation by a professional kinesiologist.

Ergonomic Assessment For Home Offices.

Using a laptop at a kitchen table for long hours puts immense strain on our bodies. This physical strain commonly leads to neck, back and wrist pain which contributes greatly to stress.

Symmetrix Ergonomic Assessments are for:

Office or home-office setting.

Home office set-up.

Kitchen tables, couches and sit-to-stand desks at home.

Workers experiencing neck and back pain.

Better workplace health and wellness.

Since 1992 our expert staff of kinesiologists have helped hundreds of office staff improve their health. Since office workers have mostly moved home during the COVID-19 global pandemic we offer the same services online. The Symmetrix ergonomic assessment offers an evidence-backed approach to preventing common office pains and injuries. Staff love our personal and tailored techniques and we love helping you maximize and transform your workplace experience.

A client in their home office on a ergonomics video session with a kinesiologist

Symmetrix offers Home Office Ergonomics online with a professional kinesiologist

Where to start with online Ergonomic Assessments.

The starting point for office managers is a 45 minute webinar open to all staff. You will learn the basics of ergonomics that home-office workers can quickly apply. The webinar covers each aspect of a home workstation and suggestions for troubleshooting when office equipment is not readily available. Attendees will get a chance to ask questions directly to our ergonomics expert.

What you get with your online Ergonomic Assessment.

We strive to ensure that each ergonomic assessment is tailored to our client’s needs. Typically an assessment consists of a 30 minute web-based appointment per workstation. We offer more detailed assessment and reporting for workers with preexisting injuries or who are experiencing greater degrees of pain working from home.

Included in our Ergonomic Assessments for a worker is:

A discussion of workers current set up and comfort level.

Observation of the worker performing work tasks to determine areas needing improvement.

Ergonomic adjustment of workstation and trouble shooting to make working from home as efficient as possible.

Advice on movement including a stretch reference guide.

Starting your Ergonomic Assessment is easy.

Symmetrix Ergonomic Assessments are a simple choice with the potential for big results when it comes to office health and happiness. Simply contact us with the number of staff workstations you would like to have assessed and your preferred start day and we’ll handle the rest.


Ergonomics Webinar

30 minute web-based meeting with 15 minutes for questions

Open to all staff

Techniques for ongoing employee health.
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Virtual/In-Person Assessment

Perfect for home office workers

30 assessments with recommendations

Exercise handout included
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Comprehensive Assessment

1 hour onsite assessment

Detailed report

Perfect for employees experiencing pain or discomfort
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Deliver ergonomic assessments in-house

Train up to three employees

Worksheets and handouts included
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These are the most commonly asked questions about ergonomics assessments.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I start with home office ergonomics?

Simply contact us with a date that works for your office workers, the size of your team and your budget and we’ll do the rest.

What happens during my ergonomic assessment?

Our ergonomic assessment is a 30 minute online appointment with staff member at their home workstation with our highly-trained kinesiologists. The worker will asked a series of questions and observe work habits in order to offer advice, troubleshooting and techniques to improve the workstation setup.

Do Kinesiologists have insurance?

Yes, we are covered by the BC Association of Kinesiologists as well as covered for commercial general liability. Our goal is to keep you safe working out from home.