Why Work With A Personal Trainer?

You’ve had your gym membership for a year now, but maybe you haven’t seen any improvement in your health or your physique. If you’ve been trying to work on fitness goals that are just as far off as they’ve ever been, then you’ve probably thought about whether getting a personal trainer is the right move for you. “Will a fitness trainer help me get to where I want to be?” The short answer is: Yes!

Having a fitness trainer may be associated with professional athletes and movie stars, but anybody can benefit from having a trainer on their path to a healthier life. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should get a personal trainer in Yaletown (or north Burnaby) and why a Kinesiologist is uniquely positioned to be the best choice.

A Trainer Motivates You

When taking part in any activity, encouragement can become a deciding factor in your success. This is especially true in physical training because it requires so much from us--sometimes you just don’t want to do those last reps. A personal trainer lets you know when you can push things a little harder, go a little further. It’s these small steps that lead to lots of distance traveled on your fitness journey.

It’s not just common sense that a personal trainer helps you push harder, it’s based on science. One study that really highlights this focused on strength performance under the direct supervision of a fitness trainer. In this experiment, 20 moderately active men each went through an intense 12-week training program focused on squat and bench press strength, squat jump power, bench press muscular endurance, and other indices. The subjects were either:

“Not all squats are created equal.  Slight movements may compromise our bodies when repeated during exercise. As your fitness trainer, a Kinesiologist will quickly spot bad form and correct it.”

  1. Assigned a personal trainer or
  2. Left unsupervised.

The aim was to see which groups saw the most significant increases in health and performance. In the end, it was clear who won. In terms of body mass and fat-free mass, the trained group saw impressive growth over the untrained group, even though they each went through the same program. The difference is also reflected in squats and bench presses, where the trained group dominated in power and strength.

The motivational benefits of having a trainer are apparent to most people who exercise. It’s the reason why having a gym buddy is so popular. When your fitness trainer is a Kinesiologist, however, you get more than just a friend giving you a pep talk. A Kinesiologist knows what your body can do and will offer encouragement to test your limits in the safest, most productive way possible.

Accountability will keep you on track. By continually challenging yourself and keeping good form you will more easily reach your fitness goals.

Trainers Understand Proper Form

Not all squats are created equal. The same is true for stomach crunches, planks, stretches, or any exercise. In each and every case performing the exercise incorrectly may lead to severe injuries over time, or even immediate pain during the routine itself. It’s not a matter of avoiding the obvious flaws in form. We all know to avoid yanking our neck forward during a sit up. Slight movements that we take for granted, however, may also compromise our bodies when repeated during exercise.

Kinesiologists have a complete understanding of how the human body moves. They understand what movements will enhance your health and what movement may cause serious damage to your body. As your fitness trainer, a Kinesiologist will quickly spot bad form and correct it. If you’re doing an exercise under their supervision, you can be sure you’re doing it right.

A Fitness Trainer Will Keep Your Workout Fresh

No one enjoys repeating the same exercises over and over again, but that is exactly what many do as they fall into a stagnant routine at the gym. When you’re understanding of exercise principles is limited it’s hard to move beyond the regime you already know. It’s just as hard to shake up your workout by simply circuiting each machine.

Variety is key to eliminating the boredom that will sabotage your training and a Kinesiologist is well suited to keep things fresh. Kinesiologists draw on a repertoire of thousands of exercises that are perfectly suited to your level and objectives. As your fitness trainer, they will make sure you’re challenging yourself in innovative ways. Your Kinesiologist will ensure that you’ll never be bored by your workout again.

A Trainer Will Hold You Accountable

Personal Trainer in Yaletown and Battle Ropes
Personal Trainer in Yaletown and Battle Ropes

The allure of your bed on a lazy Saturday morning can be hard to resist. Very hard. Our busy lives are constantly pulling us in a million directions. Responsibilities fill up our day, and it’s very likely that none of those items on our to-do list will drag us to the gym. A fitness trainer is the solution to this problem because they will hold you accountable.

A trainer will tell you when the best time and interval to work out might be, they’ll let you know how you’re progressing, and they’ll be there with you as you plan out how to measure your success. This partnership works, partly, because it’s not just you telling yourself you have to move your body. Instead, you’re accountable to an expert you trust.

In a study of two groups of high-level rugby players, researchers assigned one group and trainer and left the other group to train themselves. They found that the group assigned a trainer showed a stronger commitment to the exercise program by attending more sessions than the group given the same program to perform independently. Adherence to the set routine translated to improved strength gains.

Note that this effect doesn't only apply to rugby players, but across all ages and professions. In another study, 129 volunteers ranging in age from 20 to 65 years old were surveyed on their stage of desire to participate in for a fitness program on a scale of one to five. After 12 weeks of one-on-one time with a personal trainer, all but one of the participates showed a substantial jump in their willingness to exercise. That’s the effect of an awesome fitness trainer.

They force you out of your comfort zone, putting you closer to a healthier you.

Why Work With a Kinesiologist for Fitness Training in Vancouver?

There are several health benefits to having a personal trainer. But why work specifically with a Kinesiologist? A few reasons are listed above. They know how your body is supposed to move and so they’ll ensure you exercise properly. They understand how far to push your body in achieving your fitness targets. There are several other reasons, but the primary one is that Kinesiologists are health professionals.

Your Kinesiologist isn’t just focused on the aesthetics of fitness, but also with your body’s overall health. They’ll make sure that your body’s function is never sacrificed so that you can look better in a mirror. Kinesiologists are trained in the complexities of the body so that they can help you achieve both goals of overall health and aesthetics without compromise.

If you’re interested in the benefits of a personal trainer in Vancouver, set up a free consultation with one of our Kinesiologists today.

we’ve changed lives

Excellent rehabilitation facility. Chris has experience with rehabilitation that I have not seen with other practitioners.

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we’ve changed lives

I have an injury from right leg knee cap to my back on my right side that I have been struggling with since 2017. I am now able to do some running and have definitely gotten a lot stronger and more resilient. Symmetrix has been amazing.

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we’ve changed lives

I have loved training with Dash and the team at Symmetrix. My knee has not felt this strong with squatting and hiking in a long time.

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