How to do a Home Workout

The world is way different now than a few weeks ago so we’re sharing resources to keep you healthy. It’s only been 2 weeks, but feels like years since we all started isolating. You’re told if you spend your time indoors you stop the spread of COVID-19. But lockdown at home makes a simple workout an everyday challenge.

Good news, this is working! The BC Government announced recently that the spread of COVID-19 was cut in half with social distancing. What they didn’t say is when this will all be over (2022 update - still hoping this is over finally soon). It could be a while, so adjusting our workout routine is critical.

At Home Workouts from Kinesiologists

Our team of professional kinesiologists at Symmetrix are all working online with clients. We’re experts at home workouts! There are a few challenges to fitness that our clients are facing with their home fitness routines: limited space, no gear at home and just straight-up boredom. Don’t worry.

Finding space to workout at home seems like a challenge until you look down. No seriously look down. Every bit of floor you see is a piece of your new home gym. Many people start in the living room, but bedrooms are good too. Slide furniture over, fold up the rug. If you can roll out a yoga mat, that’s enough space.

When people have limited space and share their apartment with a partner, spouse or entire family, privacy is lacking. Remember that for now trips outside are still allowed, so send your hubby on an extended dog walk, or kindly ask your wife to grab some groceries. Or do your workout in the bedroom while the kids play in the living room.

How it Works

Once your workout begins, what equipment can you use? Be resourceful, find any bands or weights lying around, and grab a yoga matt. But the most important weight you have is your own bodyweight. Push-ups, squats, planks etc… you can get a full workout with just your weight.


Being inside all day is boring enough, let alone doing the exact same thing each workout. Switching up your routine is critical to keep you interested and motivated. Try new exercises in your home routine. You have options: check a resource (like the internet) or talk to a professional. Search “alternative to (exercise)” for some more options.

Some exercises are perfect for your home routine. Single leg deadlifts will get your glutes burning no matter what your level. The easiest way to build variety into your workout is to check in with one of our kinesiologists.

Personal Training from Home

If you’re like most people, you take it too easy on yourself or you get bored of your own home routine. If you’re looking for accountability and creativity in your workout at home then a great option is personal training.

Expect to use technology, either a laptop or smart phone with a camera. These days you don’t need any special online account. Your personal trainer will simply send you a link and your session will pop up. Make sure the trainer you choose has experience with video sessions, they will demo and explain your exercises to make sure you’re doing them safely and effectively.

We are experts at exercise and we’ll make sure you use your time efficiently. If you would like to give personal training from home a try, book a consultation call with one of our kinesiologists to get started. Tell us about your challenges and we will help you out!

we’ve changed lives

Excellent rehabilitation facility. Chris has experience with rehabilitation that I have not seen with other practitioners.

Raj Dhiman


we’ve changed lives

I have an injury from right leg knee cap to my back on my right side that I have been struggling with since 2017. I am now able to do some running and have definitely gotten a lot stronger and more resilient. Symmetrix has been amazing.

Christine Ru


we’ve changed lives

I have loved training with Dash and the team at Symmetrix. My knee has not felt this strong with squatting and hiking in a long time.

Kaitlin Newman

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