What Is It Like to Work With Symmetrix?

Curious about the Symmetrix difference? We caught up with one of our new clients Phoenix Lam-Phipps and chatted about her experience working with one of our trainers Jeff, as she prepares for her first marathon in October.

Q: Why did you come to Symmetrix?

A: I came to Symmetrix because I am training for a marathon. I really started noticing sore joints and general stiffness and wanted to get a trainer and a program to help me address these issues. In the past while training for other races, I have been prone to injury and I really want to avoid that this time around. I know with the higher mileage and extra wear and tear, I really need a trainer who knows what he or she is doing.

Q: How was working with Symmetrix trainers like compared to other trainers you have had in the past?

A: I have worked with many personal trainers in the past and I think the main difference is the attention to detail my trainer at Symmetrix gives me and the depth of knowledge he has.  Because Jeff is a Kinesiologist (like all trainers at Symmetrix), he really knows how the human body works and how it is meant to move. Whether he is assessing my breathing, or which muscles are weak. Jeff pays attention to everything and documents everything.

It is also refreshing to have a trainer who focuses so much on technique and posture rather than how many push-ups and lunges I need to do a session. Jeff really is about the quality of the exercises, rather than the quantity.

Q: What was your first session like?

A: We actually didn’t do a “work out” in the first session, but I definitely still got a lot out of it. Traditionally when I have worked with a personal trainer, the first session has always been a quick 15 minutes of “What’s your weight, what’s your body composition (fat/muscle/water), what are your measurements? What are your goals?” Then we start working out.

At Symmetrix, my trainer took a lot of time listening to my needs and goals. Then it was about looking at my posture, my functional range of motion and my strength. It was exploring what is out of balance, what is weak and what I need to improve on to prevent running injury. It’s great to have such a comprehensive look as it will also help me measure my progress in the future. My second session was when I started working out.

Q: What was your second session like?

A: It was really tailored to my needs. I find that sometimes with trainers they may have a few programs that they run all their clients through, regardless of their goals. With my trainer at Symmetrix I can tell a lot of thought was put behind the program to ensure it is targeting my needs.

We focused so much on core, because with endurance running, it is essential to keeping you injury free. I have been active and into sports for over 15 years and this was the first time that I was actually taught how to lunge properly.

In the past I have been told that I needed to work on my lunging technique but it was never explained to me in such detail – everything from how my muscles work to what specific angle my body needs to be at. Jeff stopped me mid stride to correct me and although it took a lot longer than normal to do my typical set of lunges, I felt it way more the next day. He also used equipment and exercises to isolate the smaller muscles in my hips to support my running and made sure my core was engaged in everything I do. Jeff also taught me to breath ‘properly’ while running.

Q: How has breathing technique made a difference to you?

A: Up until this point, I didn’t realize how shallow I was breathing and now that I know proper breathing technique, it has made a huge difference in my endurance. I can go longer distances without feeling tired as quickly. I use oxygen more efficiently and because good breathing technique also engages deep core muscles, I am stronger in my core as well!

Q: How has training at Symmetrix helped with your running goals?

A:  A lot. I would say I am a lot stronger now. Through my sessions Jeff was able to help me balance out my weaker muscles. The biggest thing he did was correct my running stride. The correction in my running stride has helped alleviate my chronic plantar fasciitis pain. I feel like I am ready to run the Victoria Marathon today, even though we are still a few weeks out. It’s a nice feeling to have compared to my other experience where I have felt sore, and burned out before a race.

Thank you Phoenix for taking time to chat with us about her experience with Symmetrix. We wish Phoenix luck on her marathon, we know she’ll do great!  If you would like to book a session, or learn more about our services, email us at info@symmetrix.ca.

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