Tom and Jan’s Story


At Symmetrix we are blessed with amazing, diverse and incredibly interesting clients.  We are honoured to introduce them to you with our Client Feature articles.  Enjoy!  

Tom and Jan B (ages: 61) 

Clients since 2008

In our experience, every person who meets Tom and Jan are immediately smitten with their energy, great sense of humour and positive approach to life.  We constantly hear the comment “I want to be just like them when I’m in my 60’s”.  

Incredibly fit, young at heart and full of adventure, these two are true role models for active living.  Often traveling to visit their family or pursue exciting sport and athletic adventures they have a solid approach to healthy living; exercise hard, but enjoy those nachos too!   

Tom & Jan have trained with a few Kinesiologists throughout the years and currently work with Kseniya once per week for an action packed one-hour partner training session.  

We asked them for feedback about their experience working with Symmetrix. 

What brought you to Symmetrix?  What keeps you coming back? 

Tom had recently retired and we had moved downtown to a condo. It included a good gym facility and we wanted to be comfortable using the equipment. We began at Symmetrix to not only learn how to use the equipment, but to use it safely and learn what was best for us. We continue to come back because we enjoy the staff and we've got results.

How has your training with us helped support your health and lifestyle? 

Our training has made us comfortable now to enter any gym and know that we can do a good, safe workout on our own. We try to incorporate the posture training into everything we do.  When we do arrive with any body strains or injuries we know that they'll be addressed and are given help in dealing with them. 

What do you feel is the most unique thing about Symmetrix as a training company? 

We enjoy the one on one (or two) training and we love that we have the full gym to distractions. We enjoy trying any new equipment and never knowing what to expect when we arrive, every session is a little bit different and always a great challenge. We enjoy all the staff and have learned something new from each trainer.