The 3 Best Kinesiologists in Canada

If you’re looking for the best kinesiologists in the country to schedule yourself with, or you want to guarantee your client is being referred to the best kinesiologist in the country, then look no further, this blog is for you. 

With a “new” or under-recognised health profession like kinesiology, some top-tier health professionals might fly under the radar. Special acronyms, years of training and hands on experience are great, but that’s not the whole story either. With all the information out there we were still left wondering who is really making an impact in their community. Who are the kinesiology crackerjacks out there?

The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance has recently started announcing the kinesiologist of the year, but only for the last couple of years. There are so many more amazing practitioners out there. 

To write this blog, I looked at who are the kinesiologists leading the charge with active therapy, making an impact and founding a movement in their community. This blog is here to recognize these outstanding health professionals.

Alex Allan, Kinesiologist

From his first day of work in the health industry, Alex used his passion for fitness as a vehicle to shape a career that focused on helping others to become the best versions of themselves. Within two years, he managed to build a loyal clientele, and then his own business. As a young man in his 20’s, he was already living his dream as a business owner and personal trainer, but he decided to get a kinesiology degree and all the extra certifications and courses he could add, to level up his skills even further. 

Alex Allen best kinesiologist

As the profession of kinesiology in Ontario began to shift towards regulation [Link: is kinesiology regulated in Canada], Alex became heavily involved in the process by joining the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario Item Writing Committee. He was tasked with setting the bar for new applicants to the nascent College alongside a group of industry leaders, professors and ergonomics experts. 

His service to the profession extended further, as he accepted a mentoring partnership with the University of Toronto’s Masters Of Kinesiology Faculty as well as the opportunity to be featured in educational videos about safety, standards and regulation for the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.

As a professional writer, Alex has written for the Globe and Mail as a health advisor, as well as for publications including Inside Fitness Magazine, STACK.COM and Yahoo Sports. His writing brings complex and dry scientific literature to life, by mixing creative flavor with solid science.

Alex owns and operates a health facility, in the Yonge and St. Clair neighborhood of Toronto. His business, aptly named The Kin Studio, continues to grow. He leads a team of kinesiologists and a physio, offering a unique mix of functional training and injury rehabilitation.

Book your session at The Kin Studio here.

Linda Linsenbarth, kinesiologist

Linda is a co-owner of Le Fitness Loft, a West Island Montreal kinesiology studio. She got her start in sports like her co-founders Mathieu and Laura. Competitive swimming, instructing skiing and snowboarding blended perfectly with a kinesiology degree from McGIll University.

Linda Linsenbarth kinesiologist

Linda stands out in the field of kinesiology for her service to her community, dedicating her career to helping hundreds of clients achieve their objectives whether they be injury/illness related, sport specific, mental or general fitness. While her co-owners Laura and Mathieu are TPI certified and put focus on athletes, biomechanics and adaptive sports, Linda uses Muscle Activation Technique to treat chronic pain and mobility-challenged clients.

 You can find her as well as co-owners Laura and Mathieu and their team at Le Fitness Loft in Montreal. Le Fitness is a multidisciplinary fitness facility with kinesiology, massage, osteopathy and a membership-based gym in Pointe-Claire, Montreal. Book you session here.

Dasha Maslennikova, kinesiologist

Dasha Maslennikova received the Kinesiologist of the Year award for 2021. After  that happened, her studio Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab won Vancouver’s Best Kinesiology Studio for 2022. Yes, this is a shameless plug for a kinesiologist who runs our kinesiology studio, but also a well deserved one!

Dasha Maslennikova best kinesiologist

Dasha brings 8 years of clinical, sport and gym experience to our  team. Dasha’s expertise is comprehensive, from active rehabilitation and personal training to workplace ergonomics. Her other passion is aquatic therapy, progressing clients with very limited function from pool sessions to a point where they can exercise back on land.

Where her client skills really shine is in her mind-body approach to training. Dasha’s clients learn how motivation, building healthy habits, goal setting, and relaxation/restoration are just as important as showing up for regular training sessions.

You can book with Dasha at Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab


These 3 Canadian kinesiologists are leaders for the profession of kinesiology in Canada. By founding their own studios, leading their teams and serving many different types of clients, each has been able to make a huge impact on their community’s health. Dasha Maslennikova, Alex Allen and Linda Linsenbarth are all incredibly talented health professionals.

This is a limited list, so if you know of a kinesiologist that deserves to be on this list, please let us know! If you’re interested in working with these ace kinesiologists, make sure to book a consultation today!

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I have loved training with Dash and the team at Symmetrix. My knee has not felt this strong with squatting and hiking in a long time.

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