5 Ways to Find a Registered Kinesiologist Near You

More and more people are turning to kinesiology as a treatment to recover from a nagging injury or to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle. You sometimes hear that finding the right kinesiologist is similar to dating because you’ll want to find a therapist that is a good match in expertise, personality, and values. When you’ll be seeing your therapist sometimes more than once a week, it’s important to have a good relationship!

So, you’re probably wondering, where do I start with finding a kinesiologist that’s the right match for me? Is there an app for that?

In this article I will outline some useful resources both online (like a link to our Vancouver and Burnaby kinesiologists) and offline that can be used to find a registered kinesiologist where you live so you can get started on your wellness journey today. 

Find-a-kin Service in Canada

Canadian Kinesiology Association


If you live in Canada, visit the Canadian Kinesiology Association (CKA) website to find a kinesiologist. Here you have access to links of all the kinesiology governing bodies across Canada. The CKA encompasses 9 different provincial kinesiology associations and over 4300 affiliate kinesiologists to best serve you. This website also provides a stream of information about what’s new in the profession and the practice of kinesiology

finding a kinesiologist in Canada

British Columbia 


Since I’m writing to you from Vancouver, British Columbia, I’m going to take a moment to highlight our provincial association. Taking a look at the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK)’s website is a good place to start if you live on the west coast of Canada. Kinesiologists listed on this website are currently in good standing, meaning they have met the requirements listed by the provincial association. 

find a kinesiologist in BC

Members have a bachelor of science with a major in Kinesiology, a valid certification for CPR and first aid, a clean criminal records check, and uphold a commitment to continuing education every year.

The “Find-A-Kin” page is the listing of all members of the association and allows you to search for a kinesiologist in your area. Keep in mind that there are multiple pages and clinicians are organized alphabetically so make sure to take some time to browse profiles past the first page. 

One feature of the BCAK Find-A-Kin page is the search bar at the top of the page and input your location to find the kinesiologists that are working nearest you. Kinesiologists often also work in the community and can come to you in your home or office, so don’t limit yourself to a specific area or neighbourhood. 

If you're located in Burnaby, BC you can click here to find a kinesiologist.

Kinesiologists in other provinces 

Find-A-Kin web services exist across the country. These pages are incredibly useful for your search, provided your provincial kinesiology association has set it up. The Kinesiology PEI [https://www.kinpei.ca/find-a-kinesiologist], New Brunswick Kinesiology Association [http://nbka-aknb.ca/find-a-kin/] and the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario [https://www.coko.ca/find-a-kinesiologist/] all offer Find-a-Kin services.

Google search

A good old fashioned google search can work wonders! Pages are ranked by their relevance, so a simple search for “kinesiologist” should turn up dozens, if not hundreds of results in your area. Make sure to check out more than the first results page because you’re looking for a quality practitioner, not just a quality website. You might consider the paid ads at the top of your search results, but again these page rankings might not directly correlate to the best fit for you. Another perk to browsing Google is that you’ll easily find client reviews that will help you prioritize your search.

Social Media 

Just like the rest of humanity, kinesiologists are on social media. Many have professional profiles on Facebook, instagram, and LinkedIn. Not only are many businesses and contractors active on social media, they are delivering a wealth of information about rehab to your phone and desktop. Contacting a kinesiologist on social media is a great start to finding a kinesiologist because you’ll often get a very quick and personal response!

use social media to find a kinesiologist

Facebook and Instagram 

More and more businesses are coming on Instagram and Facebook to connect with their future clients online. Kinesiology businesses often have informative feeds filled with news, rehab tips, and videos that can help you make a decision on whether they are right for you. For example, a kinesiology studio that posts a lot about pelvic floor rehab might not be the best fit if you’re looking to work on a knee injury. 

Because the Instagram algorithm provides you with similar content to what you’ve interacted with (maybe you’ve liked a rehab video or a picture about personal training tips), you might not as easily be able to find a particular clinician in your area if you are heading to Instagram first. I find this social media platform effective for when you’ve already discovered a business and want to learn more about it. 


One reason why linkedin is a great place to find a kinesiologist is because you can search by business or profession. Search “Kinesiologist” (in “people”, not “in jobs” or “in groups”), and click “see more in people”. Browse the results, and once you have found a healthcare professional, you can view their work experience and accomplishments in their career. 

What about finding a kinesiologist offline?

Referral from other rehabilitation specialists (physio/massage/chiro): 

Look for a referral for a kinesiologist

Kinesiologists work very closely with other rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors to name a few. If you are currently seeing one of these clinicians for an injury, chances are that they will know a kinesiologist that they know and trust, and will be able to refer you to them. This is also a great way to meet a kinesiologist because they will already have a relationship with your current health care practitioner and will more likely collaborate with them to get you the best treatment.

Word of mouth:

When it comes to finding a health professional, nothing beats a good experience by a friend or family member! Ask around to see if you know someone personally that has had success with a kinesiologist and ask them for contact information. People are often eager to share their good (and bad) experiences.


In a progressively more digital world, it is easier and easier to find what you are looking for from the comfort of your own home. Whether you find a kin by word of mouth or on the internet, always make sure to do some extra digging to see if the kinesiologist is right for you and your goals. Browse their website and social media platforms to get an overview of what they treat and what the general public sentiment is about them. Last but not least, always give them a call to set up a consultation to meet them in person or over the phone. 

Happy hunting!

If you want to find out more about klinesiology make sure to check out our Ultimate Guide

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