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The scope of corporate wellness programs is wide ranging and may include initiatives such as on-site gym, fitness classes, personalized health screening, educational lunch and learn workshops, office ergonomic assessments, lifestyle coaching and programs supporting mental health. Employees are the most valuable assets to any company.


Ergonomic Assessments

Comprehensive Office Ergonomic Assessment $395*

This comprehensive assessment is best suited for the client/ employee with complicated physical considerations. The work place is visited and assessed for ergonomic design and effectiveness considering the individual’s subjective reports of pain, discomfort, physical limitations and previous diagnosis. Ergonomic and human factor recommendations are made to optimize effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Where possible, changes are made immediately to the workstation. Working within the funder’s guidelines, recommendations for additional equipment are reported. The individual receives education on biomechanics, correct posture, exercises and stretches.

On-site assessment time is approximately 1.5 hours.  An extensive written report is provided within one week of the assessment date.

*Travel Fees Additional, GST Additional


Multi-station Office Ergonomic Assessments $85/hr*

For offices with minimum of 6 employees and no need for formal written reports, this is a terrific opportunity to have a Kinesiologist spend one-on-one time with each person observing them at their workstation and make on the spot changes to promote optimal posture and ergonomic function.

Each assessment is approximately 30 minutes and includes;

History including employees’ reports of pain, injuries and physical limitations

Ergonomic set-up of equipment – including chair, desk, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, telephone, etc.

Education regarding posture, stretching and over-all physical health at work

Summary report of recommendations for additional equipment &/or changes that cannot be completed at that visit

*Travel Fees Additional, GST Additional

Wellness Seminars

Ideal for employee groups of 5 – 40 people, these interactive and fun, one-hour lunch and learn workshops target a wide range of health and wellness related topics.

Travel to areas outside of downtown Vancouver is billed at $20/ hour + $.50/ km.  The client is responsible for the cost of printing handouts.  Alternatively, they may choose to print the handouts in-house.

Bodies @ Work

We start our days tall and strong – feeling good. But at some point during the day we start to feel it… the tight shoulders, headaches, achy low back, tingling legs, sore eyes… Many of us sit for extended periods of time working at desks and computers. Although the activities we do outside of the office help us stay strong, the impact of prolonged sitting during a 7 (+!) hour day (and some of the awkward positions we get in to!) can counter our efforts.

Participants will learn correct standing and seated posture, simple desk stretches and how to make ergonomic changes to their workstation that will greatly influence their comfort and health.

Understanding and Managing Stress

In today’s world we are challenged with the need to be able to balance many activities and to take on many different roles. Increasingly we are expected to do more, with fewer resources, and in less time – all while in an environment of rapid change. It’s no mystery why we are experiencing an epidemic of stress-related illnesses in Canada. Learning to effectively manage one’s stress is a critical survival skill of the new millennium. Regardless of the source of stress, the primary strategy for effectively managing is to explore and understand one’s thinking and feeling patterns. This session will focus on strategies for enhancing personal control and for using this information to help maintain manageable levels of stress.

Wellness Starts in the Mind

Wellness is not something that “happens” to us because of something someone else does or says, or because we attend a wellness workshop, or because we read a book about being well. These are all positive influences that may encourage us to think about our own well-being or make it easier for us to make healthy changes. As helpful as these factors are, they are not going to “make” us well – we will “choose” to be well when we have a true desire to be at our best. And to be successful, that true desire must be accompanied with a positive, healthy state of mind. This session will introduce the key factors for creating the positive mind-set, which is at the core of true wellness.

Fit to be Well

Physical fitness plays an extremely important role in achieving total health and well being – and the reasons are numerous. Just a few of the many proven benefits include; reducing the risk of disease and illness, improving the ability to manage stress, and improving self-esteem and body image. The media has been an impetus of the “fitness craze” that started in the 80’s and information about physical fitness is abundant. But depending on what magazine you open or what tv program you watch, you may hear conflicting — and sometimes even downright wrong — information. This session will revisit the basics and challenge some common myths of exercise, nutrition and active living.

Manage your Decisions

Ask any busy person and they will likely tell you that they need to learn to better manage their time. We’re trying to “find time” to complete a day’s work, “find time” for exercise, “find time” for relationships … and the list goes on. But we all receive the same number of hours in a day so it’s really quite impossible to “manage time”.

What we can manage is our decisions about how we choose to spend our time. This session will introduce strategies for analyzing the importance of our daily demands, learning to schedule our days to include our most important things, and leading life with a sense of personal control and fulfillment.

Personal Transition Strategies

Change is everywhere – it’s continuous, rapid, and a way of life. Whether personally involved in the decisions for change, or impacted by change that has been made by someone else, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. Whether positive or negative, all changes will require us to take on additional or different roles from those we had before. Focusing on our personal well-being and learning strategies to manage emotional and behavioural responses to change is a healthy, positive way to limit these negative emotions. This session will provide personal transition strategies for managing change.

Assertive Leadership

Assertive Leadership is a skill that everyone should learn, not just managers or team leaders in a work environment. We all have roles in our lives – parent, partner, friend, volunteer, team member – that require us to communicate in a healthy manner while influencing or leading others. This workshop will explore Assertive Leadership and offer some concrete skills to become an effective, positive, empowering leader.

Corporate Programs

The scope of corporate wellness programs is wide ranging and may include everything from an on-site fitness centre operated by volunteers through to a major wellness program that includes extensive personalized health screening and planning.

The scope of a program is primarily determined by the size of the company, budget, and senior management’s support. Symmetrix has the expertise to work with your organization to provide the most suitable solutions.

Fees will vary based on scope of contract.


Why are workplace services so beneficial to your company?

Employee retention and reduced absenteeism rates are the most significant factors that are positively influenced by effective worksite health initiatives. Research proves that an employee who feels appreciated, believes that his/her employer cares about his/her health and well-being and has resources for helping manage physical and mental stress will be more productive at work and will stay with an organization longer.

The scope of a program is primarily determined by the size of the company, budget, and senior management’s support. Symmetrix has the expertise to work with an organization’s internal resource team to provide the most suitable solutions; whether supporting an already existing program with our specialty services or developing a comprehensive, appropriate program for a company.