Thomas Thompson


Thomas has always loved sports, both team and individual sports. When he was growing up in Ecuador, he played baseball and soccer and practiced karate passionately. After moving back to Canada he excelled at at snowboarding in particular as well as triathlon.

But there was more to it than just athletics, he realized a passion for the medical side of team sports. He started training several teams while studying Athletic Injuries & Training in high school. Thomas began Kinesiology at UBC and was proud to be selected as the Athletic Trainer for the UBC Thunderbirds Baseball program.

Thomas is fascinated by the positive effect exercise has on us: mental health, improving mood, longevity and quality of life; particularly on ageing populations. He’s driven by science, reading article after article on these positive effects. 

Today Thomas is an expert in motor-vehicle accident (MVA) rehabilitation, as well as kinesiology with ageing populations. In his former kinesiology job he was based at a building across from Surrey Memorial Hospital that specialized in MVA rehabilitation. He also brings experience working with a retirement community.

He continues with sports in his personal life and plays soccer year round, and enjoys dodgeball in the winter and spring.