Joseph Malabuyoc


I am a graduate of the University of British Columbia where I completed my Masters of Kinesiology in Coaching Sciences. My thesis focused around concussions, physical preventative measures for head and neck injuries, and neck strengthening exercises. For my undergraduate studies, I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa while a member of their varsity football team. 

As a former professional level athlete, I am familiar with the strength training and conditioning of major muscle groups and energy systems. But an injury to my left ankle left me in a boot and on crutches for eight months which taught me the synergistic importance of the smaller muscles we often neglect. 

As a child I was always active. Baseball, volleyball, swimming, basketball, and track and field were where my boundless energy was focused into. In high school, I focused more on basketball and football and this led to sparking my passion for movement, nutrition, and strength and conditioning.  

Since 2009, my love of volunteerism led to coaching several high school football programs in Honolulu and Vancouver, BC. I also had the opportunity to intern as a strength and conditioning coach for the University of Hawai’i and Bommarito Performance Athletics in Miami, Florida overseeing NFL athletes. More recently, I have coached Special Olympic athletes through various fitness programs to improve health and foster an environment of positivity and teamwork.

I aspire to complete a nutrition and meditation teacher’s programs so I can share that new knowledge and past experiences on how to become a more self-aware and mindful individual. At different degrees, everyone faces stress and trauma and I want to empower people with the tools to deal with such negativity and create peace within their minds and bodies. Also, I want to teach people that movement and exercise are medicines to accomplish happiness when used appropriately so I inspire people to move more often. 

Also, failure and challenges are something I have come to not shy away from because they teach new lessons and bring new experiences for self growth. 

I strive to be a lifelong learner who loves to spend time with family and friends when I am not working, in the gym, playing sports nor doing anything physically active. If I am not doing either of those, you can probably catch me in a coffee shop or library reading and writing something thought provoking, insightful, or creative.