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What our clients are saying

I have been training with Symmetrix for 23 years now. The quality and knowledge of the trainers and effectiveness has been consistent throughout. Highly recommended!
— Gary
By the time I left I felt really upbeat, and maintained a feeling of strength and empowerment and even elation, all day long!
— Allyson
I would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a good personal trainer
— Sarah


Private Training Studio


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Our Mission

To provide you the highest quality personal training and exercise rehabilitation service using a professional and science-based approach. Motivate a healthier body through movement and lifelong learning.

Why We're Different

Finding personal connection and attention to detail with a health professional can be challenging. At Symmetrix you'll get personalized, results-driven service and care. Each staff member has a 4-year Kinesiology degree to ensure you get the highest quality service.

You are unique and require a personalized and tailored approach. We start with an initial assessment to understand your body, goals and medical history. You get training to meet your speed and ability.

Our Studio

Find us in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver. Drop by and feel comfortable and welcomed by our best-in-class trainers. While you're here you'll discover our full range of fitness equipment.

Pick a trainers for your precise needs. One who can adjust and prescribe to your level so you can quickly reach your goals.

What are you waiting for? Start today!


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We’re proud and grateful to be in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver.

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