The scope of corporate wellness programs is wide ranging and may include initiatives such as on-site gym, fitness classes, personalized health screening, educational lunch and learn workshops, office ergonomic assessments, lifestyle coaching and programs supporting mental health. Employees are the most valuable assets to any company.
Employee retention and reduced absenteeism rates are the most significant factors that are positively influenced by effective worksite health initiatives. Research proves that an employee who feels appreciated, believes that his/her employer cares about his/her health and well-being and has resources for helping manage physical and mental stress will be more productive at work and will stay with an organization longer.
The scope of a program is primarily determined by the size of the company, budget, and senior management’s support.  Symmetrix has the expertise to work with an organization’s internal resource team to provide the most suitable solutions; whether supporting an already existing program with our specialty services or developing a comprehensive, appropriate program for a company.