Studio Personal Training Rates


1 hour session $73
12 session package $68 per session
20 session package $65 per session

1.5 hour session $95
12 session package $88 per 1.5 hr session
20 session package $85 per 1.5 hr session

Package prices apply when paid in full at the commencement of the sessions.

Rates subject to change
GST additional

Partner Training

1 hour session $58 per person
12 session package $54 per person/session
20 session package $52 per person/session

1.5 hour session $74 per person/session
12 session package $69 per person/session
20 session package $67 per person/session

4-Pack Kick Start



You get 4 sessions with a Kinesiologist and a Custom Digital Exercise Program. Your first session is a one hour assessment specific to your goals. Session 2, 3 & 4 are effective, goal-driven one-to-one personal training sessions. These sessions can be used quickly or spread out to once per month – what ever is most suitable to the client. The client will receive a personal, goal specific exercise program complete with digital photos, written exercise description and specific program prescription. Your custom, digital exercise program is provided in hardcopy and emailed for viewing on tablet or smart phone.

In-home Personal Training

Travel Fees of $20/hr + $0.50/km are additional to our Studio rates for all In-Home personal training sessions. For pre-package purchases, rates will be determined based on estimate and may be subject to adjustment.

Applicable community facility user and/or membership fees for the Kinesiologist and client are the responsibility of the client.

  • Rates subject to change
  • GST additional

Custom Digital Exercise Program


To support one-to-one Personal Training sessions the Kinesiologist develops a personal, targeted exercise program for the client.  This animated, digital program is provided in paper copy and sent by email for viewing on tablet or smart phone. Customized with sets, reps, progressions and cues this tailored program will offer guidance for independent exercise between training sessions and when traveling. 

Active Isolated Stretching

Single Sessions $80/hr
12 Session Package $720

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a manual method of stretching that is effective in postural restoration, athletic performance enhancement, injury prevention, stress symptom relief and rehabilitation.

Therapy is based on a passive 2-second hold of a stretch with slight over-pressure of 1-2 lbs. This manual treatment creates a mechanical, bioelectrical and biochemical response that promotes vascular and lymphatic circulation, increased oxygenation, removal of the body’s toxins and a more responsive nervous system.

Facility Design


Whether converting a 10 x 10 den into a personal exercise space, renovating a garage to a full in-home gym or designing a corporate gym for employees – Symmetrix can help.


We know exercise equipment, understand space requirements for use and can create floor plans that maximize utilization and flow. From flooring, lighting, mirrors and, of course, exercise equipment – we will make recommendations, source new and refurbished pieces, connect with suppliers, and negotiate best pricing.